2022 Renmin University Chinese Government Scholarship University Program

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Application details

Renmin University of China

  • Former names: People's University of China
  • Motto: Seeking truth from facts
  • Established: 1937
  • President: Lin ShangLi (林尚立)
  • Location: Beijing, China
Renmin University of China
Renmin University of China

The Renmin University of China (RUCChinese中国人民大学) is a national key public research university in Beijing, China. The university is affiliated to the Ministry of Education, and co-funded by the Ministry and the Beijing Municipal People's Government.

Renmin University of China is designated as a Class A Double First Class University of the Double First Class University Plan and was also funded by Project 985 and Project 211 and is considered the most prestigious university for arts and humanities and social sciences in China. 

It is also a member of Worldwide Universities Network, the Asia-Pacific Association for International Education, and Beijing-Hong Kong Universities Alliance.

According to the 2021 QS World University by Subject, the Renmin University of China was ranked among the top 40 in the world for Philosophy, top 51 in legal studies and law, top 80 in "Social sciences and Management", and top 100 in "Arts and Humanities" related subjects. According to the Financial Times.

Renmin University of China
Students of Renmin University

Renmin Business School is considered as the top 50 business schools in the world, with its global MBA ranked 38th in the world, Executive MBA ranked 43rd, and its Executive Education ranked 11th in the world (the best in Asia).

2022 Renmin University Chinese Government Scholarship University Program

Who can apply?

The scholarship program sponsors undergraduate students, master degree students and Ph.D. students who are enrolled into Renmin University of China in 2022. 

Support Duration

The program does not cover Chinese language preparatory year or foundation courses. The support duration is consistent with the basic study duration of the major program.

Undergraduate students

For undergraduate students, the support duration is 4 years;

Master degree student

For master degree students, the support duration is 2 or 3 years;

Ph.D. students

For Ph.D. students, the support duration is 4 years.

Major List and Instruction Language

Please refer to the Major List affiliated.

Scholarship Coverage

The full scholarship of Chinese Government Scholarship (hereinafter referred to as CGS) includes the tuition fee, accommodation, living stipend and comprehensive medical insurance.

Tuition fee

  • Tuition fee all covered;


  1. Free double room accommodation provided. The student can also choose to live off campus and get the accommodation subsidy:
  • Undergraduate students and master degree students: CNY 700 per month
  • Ph.D. students: CNY 1000 per month

Living stipend

  • Undergraduate students: CNY 2500 per month
  • Master degree students: CNY 3000 per month
  • Ph.D. students: CNY 3500 per month

Comprehensive medical insurance

CNY 800 per person per year

Renmin University of China
Renmin University of China


Nationality and health condition

The applicant must be a citizen of a country other than the PRC and in good health both mentally and physically;

Requirements on degree and age

  1. The applicant applying for an undergraduate program must hold a high school diploma or its equivalent, maintain an excellent academic record, and be under the age of 25;
  2. The applicant applying for a master degree program must hold a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, maintain an excellent academic record, and be under the age of 35;
  3. The applicant applying for a Ph.D. program must hold a Master’s degree or its equivalent, maintain an excellent academic record, and be under the age of 40.

Application documents and other requirements

The applicant shall fulfill the requirements of both the China Scholarship Council (hereinafter referred to as CSC) and Renmin University of China (hereinafter referred to as RUC), and submit the application documents as required. The CSC has released the Application Guide for Chinese Government Scholarship which clearly stated the basic requirements of scholarship application. As for RUC, the requirements for scholarship applicants are the same as those for self-supported applicants. Please refer to the RUC 2022 Enrollment Guide of the corresponding program:

  • Undergraduate program (Chinese): http://iso.ruc.edu.cn/sqlx/bkszwsk/index.htm
  • Master degree program or Ph.D. program (Chinese): http://iso.ruc.edu.cn/docs/2021-12/2ce24e4689634329957e1bd300dd1d37.pdf
  • Master degree program (English): http://iso.ruc.edu.cn/sqlx/MasterinEnglish/index.htm

Application Procedures

(1) The applicant shall follow the instructions of the RUC 2022 Enrollment Guide (listed above), log in on the Online Application System for International Students of Renmin University of China, submit the online application and upload the application documents, and pay the application fee (CNY 800);

Link of the Online Application System: https://international.ruc.edu.cn/

(2) The applicant shall fill in and submit the Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship online via the Chinese Government Scholarship Information System;

  • CGS Information System:http://www.campuschina.org
  • The CSC only accepts recommendation from universities in charge of the scholarship program, and does not accept individual applications.
  • When applying on the CGS Information System, choose ‘Type B Application’ for [Input Application Information], and input ‘10002’ for [Application Receiving Agency].

(3) The applicant shall follow the instructions of the RUC 2022 Enrollment Guide and mail the hardcopies of the application documents along with the Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship to International Students Office.

(4) The university will view the applicant as self-supported and start the admission procedures, including reviewing the application documents and examining the applicants. Afterwards, the university will carry out a comprehensive evaluation on the applicants based on their application documents, examination performance and overall capabilities, after which the scholarship recommendation list will be formed and submitted to the CSC;

(5) The CSC will organize the eligibility review and academic review to finalize the admission list. Then, the CSC will notify the admission result to the university, and the university will send the Admission Notice as well as other admission documents to the admitted applicants.

Matters Needing Attention

  1. Each applicant can be supported by one program of CGS at most. For those who are recommended by multiple universities, the CSC will keep only one scholarship spot for the applicant.
  2. Students cannot study at more than one universitiy with CGS scholarships at the same time. Once the major and the study duration are decided in the admission, they shall not be changed.


China Scholarship Council

Fax: 0086-10-66093972
Website: www.campuschina.org
Address: Division of International Students Admission and Cooperation Programs, China Scholarship Council, Level 13, Building A3, No. 9 Chegongzhuang Avenue, Beijing, PRC
Postcode: 100044

International Students Office of Renmin University of China

Fax: 0086-10-62515343
Address: 北京市海淀区中关村大街 59 号中国人民大学国际文化交流中心 108 室留学生办公室
International Students Office Room 108, International Cultural Exchange Center, Renmin University of China, No. 59, Zhongguancun St., Haidian District, Beijing, People’s Republic of China (This is also the address to which you mail your application documents)
Postcode: 100872

Affiliation: Major List

There are three programs that our university offer through CSC scholarship, including the University Postgraduate Program, the Silk Road Scholarship Program and the Sino-African Friendship Scholarship Program. In addition to the basic admission requirements, applicants shall fulfill the requirements listed below:

University Postgraduate Program & Sino-African Friendship Scholarship Program

  1. Available to postgraduate program applicants only;
  2. Sino-African Friendship Scholarship Program is available to applicants from African countries only;
  3. The two programs share the same Application Major List:

Silk Road Scholarship Program

  1. Available to applicants from the Belt and Road Initiative partner countries only;
  2. The Application Major List:

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