2021 Shenyang Ligong University for Master Programs with Chinese Government Scholarship

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2021 Shenyang Ligong University for Master Programs with Chinese Government Scholarship

Introduction to Shenyang Ligong University

Please refer to the official SYLU website: http://www.sylu.edu.cn/

2021 Shenyang Ligong University for Master Programs with Chinese Government Scholarship

Application Qualifications

Russiancitizensin good health.

Age below 30years old.

Have a bachelor's degree (fresh graduates of 2021 need to submit the“Pre-graduation Certificate”)

In principle, the applicant's Chinese proficiency must reach at least HSK4.

Master ProgramsI nfo

Duration ofStudies


Online Application Period

June 1, 2021 –June13, 2021

Application Procedure

Step One:ApplyatSLUwebsite

The SYLU online application portal is https://sylu.at0086.cn/StuApplication

Please follow the website to apply after registration.

If you don’t have passport, please apply for your passport, you cannot apply without a passport.

If you have not graduated, please get a “pre-graduation certificate”.

If you are unable to get non-criminal record, please download NO CRIMINAL RECORD COMMITMENT,and fill it in then upload.

Step Two:Applyat CSC website

You MUST apply at bothSLUand CSC website if you apply for scholarship.

The CSC online application website is https://www.campuschina.org/

You must choose Program CategoryType B.

The agency number of our university is10144.

It turns very difficult for send hard copies by post due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So we do not require the hard copy at the application stage. Please DO NOT send any hardcopy.

After the online application for this year's scholarship, if your application has been approved, you must provide the original graduation certificate and transcript for verification. Only after passing the verification, you may register. If you fail to pass the verification, you must buy the ticket to leave China paid by yourself before your visa expires.

Thegjjyxy@sylu.edu.cnwill be replied any time.


Q: Do I need to pay application fee for applying scholarship at SYLU?

A: No.

Q: I don’t have a passport, how should I fill in the passport info?

A: You cannot apply without a passport.

Q: What’s the on-line application portal?

A: If you apply for self-sponsored, you must apply at SYLU application system.If you apply for scholarship, you must apply both at SYLU and CSC application system online.


CSC website:https://www.campuschina.org/

Q: Besides on-line application, do I need to submit the hard copy?

A: No.

Q: I want to apply for the additional one year Chinese language for my scholarship application, where should I apply?

A: You don’t need to fill in any information for the additional one year Chinese language training; we will evaluate your Chinese language level and make the decision.

Q: When can I have the result?

A: Please check the result by sending email to gjjyxy@sylu.edu.cn after June 10.

If you still have further questions after reading this document, please send us an email to gjjyxy@sylu.edu.cn. If the answer to your questions can be found in this document, we won’t reply your email.

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