2023 Nankai University Chinese Government Scholarship

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2023 Chinese Government Scholarship for Nankai University

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In Tianjin
a coastal metropolis of China
26 colleges, 92 undergraduate programs, 28 post-doctoral research stations, 31 authorized primary Doctoral programs
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Since its founding in 1919, Nankai University (NKU) has forged a strong academic reputation. While the university was elected into the national ‘double first-class’ initiative, its chemistry, material science and engineering, mathematics, statistics and world history programs were also designated as ‘double first-class’ subject areas.

Known as the ‘North Star’ among China’s higher education institutions, Nankai is committed to providing students with a rigorous, broad-based and globally oriented education, and has pioneered some of the most innovative programmes available today. Its distinctive environment is one where students think critically, innovate widely and contribute actively to the community.

Applicant Eligibility for Nankai University's Chinese Government Scholarship

Masters candidates, PhD candidates

Applicant Eligibility Requirements of Chinese Government Scholarship

1. be a citizen of a country other than the PRC and in good health both mentally and physically;

2. be an academically excellent holder of a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent under the age of 35 when applying for a Master’s program;

3. be an academically excellent holder of a Master’s degree or its equivalent under the

age of 40 when applying for a doctoral program;

4. Majors such as the first language or other country's languages like French or English are not supported by scholarship; 

5.Applicants must not hold another Scholarship.

Application Period of Chinese Government Scholarship

Before March 31 of each year

Introduction to Eligible Majors and Study Lengths of Chinese Government Scholarship

Application Steps of Chinese Government Scholarship

1. Log in to the Nankai University International Student Online Service Registration Platform and fill out the application information.https://nankai.at0086.cn/StuApplication

2. Log in to“Study in China Online Registration Information Platform”(https://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/#/login),fillout the information, upload the necessary documents and submit. (Study Abroad Program, please select B, for the institution code please fill in Nankai University Code Number 10055)


Please confirm all information and steps. 

1.Information must be consistent, if not, take steps to fix the inconsistencies. 

2. Information must be accurate!

3.Take note of notifications concerning the application progress, evaluation, and scholarship results.

4.Respond to University emails in a timely manner and confirm mattersconcerning the scholarship.

2022 Nankai University for Nankai Scholarship

Evaluation and Acceptance of Chinese Governmant Scholarship

All information provided in admissions must be consistent with the information on the applicant’s passport and visa or residence permit.

After the applicant’s materials are reviewed, the department of the major applied for will set up an interview with the applicant. The time of the interview will be announced by the relevant department.

After the evaluation of materials and the interview have been passed,theapplicantwillbe admitted. After admission, the school will perform another review of the materials and the applicant’s personal information. If any inconsistencies, false documentation, etc. are detected, they will be grounds for immediate disqualification of scholarship eligibility.

Scholarship eligibility will be determined finally by theChinese Scholarship Council (CSC) and the results will be announced each year before July.

Additional Information of Chinese Government Scholarship

If the scholarship winner does not register at Nankai at the appointed time, then the scholarship will not be held for the applicant.

Upon arriving in China, the scholarship winner may not transfer to different school or major.

Contact Information with Nankai University

People to Contact:Li Dan,Zheng Shuangshuang



Visit chinascholarship.net to get more information!

School/College                  MajorResearch DirectionMedium of InstructionLength of   SchoolingTuition Fee (CNY/Year)Whether to Offer Online Courses
011 Chern Institute of Mathematics070100 Mathematics01 Fundamental MathematicsChinese330000No
02 Probability/StatisticsChinese330000No
03 Applied MathematicsChinese330000No
070201 Theoretical Physics01 Theoretical PhysicsChinese330000No
012 School of Mathematical Sciences070100 Mathematics01 Fundamental MathematicsChinese330000No
  02 Numerical MathematicsChinese330000No
03 Probability/StatisticsChinese330000No
04 Applied MathematicsChinese330000No
06 BioinformaticsChinese330000No
07 Mathematical EconomicsChinese330000No
021 School of Physics070200 Physics01 Theoretical PhysicsChinese330000No
02 Particle and Nuclear PhysicsChinese330000No
03 Condensed Matter PhysicsChinese330000No
04 OpticsChinese330000No
05 Optoelectronic Information Science and TechnologyChinese330000No
06 Physics of Life InformationChinese330000No
022 TEDA Institute of Applied Physics070200 Physics01 Condensed Matter PhysicsChinese330000No
02 OpticsChinese330000No
03 Optoelectronic Information Science and TechnologyChinese330000No
031 School of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering080300 Optical Engineering00 No Distinction between Research DirectionsChinese330000Yes
080900 Electronic Science and Technology00 No Distinction between Research DirectionsChinese330000Yes
081000 Information and Communication Engineering00 No Distinction between Research DirectionsChinese330000Yes
085400 Electronic Information01 New Generation of Electronic Information TechnologyChinese330000Yes
02 Communication EngineeringChinese330000Yes
03 Integrated Circuit EngineeringChinese330000Yes
04 Photo-Electronic Information EngineeringEnglish335000Yes
038 Software Institute083500 Software Engineering00 No Distinction between Research DirectionsEnglish230000Yes
040 College of Environmental Science and Engineering071300 Ecology00 No Distinction between Research DirectionsChinese330000Yes
083000 Environmental Science and Engineering01 Environmental ScienceChinese330000Yes
03 Environmental EngineeringChinese330000Yes
04 Environmental Management and EconomicsChinese330000Yes
05 Resource Recycling Science and EngineeringChinese330000Yes
06 Environmental ScienceEnglish335000Yes
085701 Environmental Engineering00 No Distinction between Research DirectionsChinese330000Yes
051 College of Chemistry070300 Chemistry01 Inorganic ChemistryChinese330000No
02 Analytical ChemistryChinese330000No
03 Organic Chemistry Chinese330000No
04 Physical ChemistryChinese330000No
05 Polymer Chemistry/PhysicsChinese330000No
06 Chemical BiologyChinese330000No
07 Refined ChemicalsChinese330000No
085602 Chemical Engineering00 No Distinction between Research DirectionsChinese330000No
090400 Plant Protection01 PhytopathologyChinese330000No
02 Agricultural Insects and Pest ControlChinese330000No
03 Agricultural PharmacologyChinese330000No
095132 Resource Utilization and Plant Protection00 No Distinction between Research DirectionsChinese330000No
052 School of Materials Science and Engineering080500 School of Materials Science and Engineering01 Material Physics/ChemistryChinese330000No
02 Material ScienceChinese330000No
085601 Material Engineering00 No Distinction between Research DirectionsChinese330000No
060 College of Life Sciences 070305 Polymer Chemistry/Physics01 Biomedical Polymer MaterialsChinese330000No
071000 Biology01 BotanyChinese330000No
02 ZoologyChinese330000No
03 MicrobiologyChinese330000No
04 GeneticsChinese330000No
05 Cell BiologyChinese330000No
06 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Department of Biochemistry)Chinese330000No
07 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology(Department of Material)Chinese330000No
086001 Bioengineering00 No Distinction between Research DirectionsChinese330000No
063 TEDA Institute of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology071000 Biology01 MicrobiologyChinese330000No
02 Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyChinese330000No
065 School of Pharmacy086002 Pharmaceutical Engineering00 No Distinction between Research DirectionsChinese330000Yes
100700 Pharmacy01 Pharmaco chemistryChinese330000Yes
02 Pharmaco gnosyChinese330000Yes
03 Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy Chinese330000Yes
070 Medical School071003 Physiology00 No Distinction between Research DirectionsChinese330000No
083200 Food Science and Engineering01 Food nutrition and HealthChinese330000No
02 Food ScienceChinese330000No
03 Food SafetyChinese330000No
100200 Basic Medicine01 Human Anatomy and HistologyChinese340000No
02 ImmunologyChinese340000No
03 Pathogenic biologyChinese340000No
04 Pathology and PathophysiologyChinese340000No
05 Medical Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyChinese340000No
06 Medical PhysiologyChinese340000No
100200 Clinical Medicine01 Internal MedicineChinese340000No
02 GeriatricsChinese340000No
03 Imaging Medicine and Nuclear MedicineChinese340000No
04 Clinical Laboratory DiagnosticsChinese340000No
05 SurgeryChinese340000No
06 OncologyChinese340000No
100300 Stomatology01 Clinical StomatologyChinese340000No
080 College of Chinese Language and
045300 Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Language01 Chinese Teaching and Research as a Second LanguageChinese230000Yes
02 Research on Second Language AcquisitionChinese230000Yes
03 Chinese Language Communication and CultureChinese230000Yes
050100 Chinese Language and Literature01 Linguistics and Applied LinguisticsChinese326000No
02 Chinese LexicologyChinese326000No
091 School of Literature050100 Chinese Language and Literature01 Literature and ArtChinese326000No
02 Linguistics and Applied LinguisticsChinese326000No
03 Chinese LexicologyChinese326000No
04 Chinese Ancient PhilologyChinese326000No
05 Chinese Ancient LiteratureChinese326000No
06 Chinese Modern and Contemporary LiteratureChinese326000No
07 Chinese Minority Language and LiteratureChinese326000No
08 Comparative Literature and World LiteratureChinese326000No
09 Literary criticism and CreationChinese326000No
130100 Artistic Theory01 Artistic TheoryChinese340000No
130400 Fine Arts00 No Distinction between Research DirectionsChinese340000No
130500 Design00 No Distinction between Research DirectionsChinese340000No
135108 Art Design01 Environmental Art DesignChinese240000No
School of Journalism and Communication050300 Journalism00 No Distinction between Research DirectionsChinese326000No
055200 News and Communication01 News and CommunicationChinese230000No
055300 Publishing01 PublishingChinese230000No
093 College of History060100 Archaeology 01 Specialized Archaeology and Cultural Relics ResearchChinese326000No
02 Chinese Archaeology and Ancient Material CultureChinese326000No
03 Cultural Heritage Research and ProtectionChinese326000No
04 Museology Theory and Museum PracticeChinese326000No
060200 Chinese History01 Ancient Chinese HistoryChinese326000No
02 Modern Chinese HistoryChinese326000No
060300 World History01 World Ancient and Medieval HistoryChinese326000No
02 World Modern HistoryChinese326000No
03 Regional and National HistoryChinese326000Yes
04 History of Modern International RelationsChinese326000Yes
065100 Cultural relics and Museum 00 No Distinction between Research DirectionsChinese326000Yes
094 Japan Institute020105 World Economy01 Japanese EconomyChinese326000Yes
030206 International Politics01 Japanese DiplomacyChinese230000Yes
02 East Asian International RelationsChinese230000Yes
060300 World History01 Japanese HistoryChinese326000Yes
095 Faculty of Philosophy010100 Philosophy01 Marxist philosophyChinese326000Yes
02 Chinese PhilosophyChinese326000Yes
03 Western PhilosophyChinese326000Yes
04 LogicsChinese326000Yes
05 EthicsChinese326000Yes
06 AestheticsChinese326000Yes
07 Religious StudiesChinese326000Yes
08 Philosophy of Science and TechnologyChinese326000Yes
100 College of Foreign Languages050200 Foreign Language and Literature01 English Language and LiteratureEnglish335000Yes
02 English Language and Literature (Glasgow)English250000Yes
03 Russian Language and LiteratureRussian326000Yes
04 Japanese Language and LiteratureJapanese326000Yes
05 Foreign Linguistics and Applied LinguisticsEnglish335000Yes
06 Country and Regional StudiesItalian, French, Spanish326000Yes
055101 English Translation01 English TranslationEnglish230000Yes
055102 English Interpretation01 English InterpretationEnglish230000Yes
055106 Japanese Interpretation01 Japanese InterpretationJapanese230000Yes
112 School of Law030100 Law01 Law TheoryChinese230000Yes
02 History of LawChinese230000Yes
03 Constitution and Administrative lawChinese230000Yes
04 Criminal LawChinese230000Yes
05 Civil and Commercial LawChinese230000Yes
06 Procedural LawChinese230000Yes
07 Economic LawChinese230000Yes
08 Environment and Resources Protection LawChinese230000Yes
09 International LawChinese230000Yes
115 Zhou Enlai School of Government030200 Politics01 Political TheoryChinese230000Yes
02 Sino-Foreign Politicical SystemChinese230000Yes
03 National SecurityChinese230000Yes
04 International PoliticsChinese230000Yes
05 International RelationsChinese230000Yes
06 International Relations (Glasgow)English250000Yes
07 DiplomacyChinese230000Yes
08 International Affair and Public PolicyEnglish235000Yes
030300 Sociology01 SociologyChinese230000Yes
02 DemographyChinese230000Yes
03 AnthropologyChinese230000Yes
04 Social Work and Social PolicyChinese230000Yes
040200 Psychology01 General PsychologyChinese230000Yes
02 Applied PsychologyChinese230000Yes
120400 Public Administration01 Administrative ManagementChinese230000Yes
02 Educational Economy and ManagementChinese230000Yes
03 Social SecurityChinese230000No
04 Public PolicyChinese230000No
05 Urban development and managementChinese230000No
130 School of Finance020200 Applied Economics01 FinanceChinese326000No
02 InsuranceChinese326000No
03 Financial EngineeringChinese326000No
04 Actuarial ScienceChinese326000No
025100 Finance00 No Distinction between Research DirectionsChinese248000Yes
025500 Insurance01 Actuarial ScienceChinese248000Yes
02 InsuranceChinese248000Yes
131 School of Economics020100 Theoretical Economics01 Political EconomicsChinese326000Yes
02 History of Economic ThoughtChinese326000Yes
03 History of EconomicsChinese326000Yes
04 Western EconomicsChinese326000Yes
05 World EconomyChinese326000Yes
06 Population, Resources and Environment Chinese326000Yes
020200 Applied Economics01 Regional EconomicsChinese326000Yes
02 Regional Economics (Glasgow)English250000Yes
03 Fiscal ScienceChinese326000Yes
04 FinanceChinese326000Yes
05 Industrial EconomicsChinese326000Yes
06 International TradeChinese326000Yes
07 Labor EconomicsChinese326000Yes
08 Quantitative EconometricsChinese326000Yes
09 Urban EconomicsChinese326000No
025300 Taxation00 No Distinction between Research DirectionsChinese230000No
025400 International Business00 No Distinction between Research DirectionsChinese230000No
00 No Distinction between Research DirectionsEnglish235000No
140 Business School120100 Management Science and Engineering00 No Distinction between Research DirectionsChinese230000No
120200 Business Administration01 AccountingChinese230000No
02 Enterprise ManagementChinese230000No
03 Corporate GovernanceChinese230000No
04 Human Resources ManagementChinese230000No
120500 Library Information and Archives Management01 Library ScienceChinese230000Yes
02 Information ScienceChinese230000Yes
03 Archival ScienceChinese230000Yes
145 College of Tourism and Service120203 Tourism Management 01 Services and Leisure ManagementChinese326000Yes
02 Tourism Business Strategy and InnovationChinese326000Yes
03 Tourism Big Data and DecisionsChinese326000Yes
04 Tourism Geography and PlanningChinese326000 
05 Exhibition Economy and ManagementChinese326000 
06 Tourism Destination marketing and managementChinese326000 

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