2019 Heilongjiang BA Chinese Language and Literature Program

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BA Chinese Language and Literature By Heilongjiang


Major: BA Chinese Language and Literature


Length: 4 years


In order to cultivate universal language and cultural talents with high Chinese proficiency, comprehensive knowledge of Chinese national conditions and culture, and proficiency in the use of Chinese in further studying, Heilongjiang University's International Institute of Education and Culture offers undergraduate courses in Chinese language. Based on the complete Chinese language knowledge, it has a high level of Chinese language and culture literacy and preliminary research capabilities. 

BA Chinese Language and Literature

It has a comprehensive grasp of China’s political, economic, geographical and national conditions. Also, it helps international students in understanding Chinese history, ethnicity, customs and other cultures. Through the internship base and other related companies, students will have a good grasp of cross-cultural communication and master listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. With these skills, they can handle some practical businesses and related jobs.

Main courses

Main Courses of BA Chinese Language and Literature:

Language courses

Language courses: Elementary Chinese, Intermediate Chinese, Advanced Chinese Language and Culture, Chinese Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing Skills Training Courses, Correct Chinese Pronunciation, Chinese Character Writing, Modern Chinese Grammar, Ancient Chinese, Translation and Interpretation, Chinese Information Processing, etc.

Cultural courses

Chinese General Introduction, Chinese History, ancient Chinese literature, Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature, Chinese Philosophy, Chinese Folklore, Economy and Law, etc.

  • The first two years’ learning focuses on the primary skills.
  • The last two years’ learning focuses on professional courses, especially the further understanding and practical use of Chinese language and culture. Students should have the ability to make comparative analysis of Chinese and Western languages and cultures. Finally, they are able to doing certain research and write graduation thesis.

Major Advantages

Major Advantages of BA Chinese Language and Literature:

1. Master the basic knowledge and theory of the Chinese language systematically.

2. Master the basic knowledge of Chinese humanities, national conditions, and cultural background.

3. Master the basic knowledge of ancient and modern Chinese literature.

4. Have comprehensive and solid Chinese language ability to communicate and translate.

5. Have good overall quality, social adaptability, and the ability to acquire new knowledge. 

General teaching plan

General Teaching Plan of BA Chinese Language and Literature:

It’s a four-year undergraduate major. Starting from the basic starting point of Chinese, there is no need for a language preparatory stage. The whole learning has two stages.

  • Stage 1 (the first two years): intensive skill training (listening, speaking, reading and writing)
  • Stage 2 (the last two years): professional and practical use of Chinese knowledge and culture

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements of BA Chinese Language and Literature:

1. High school diploma.

2. Over 18 years old, be healthy physically and mentally.

Steps of Application

1. Applicants can apply online through the website of Heilongjiang University.

  • Website: http://hi.hlju.edu.cn/
  • Online Application: https://hlju.17gz.org/member/login.do

2. After applying online, please send the application materials to Heilongjiang University according to the requirements.

3. After receiving the admission materials, the school will mail the admission notice and visa application form (JW202 form) to the applicants.


Fees of BA Chinese Language and Literature:

1. Registration fee: 260 yuan.

2. Tuition: 15500 yuan/year.

3. Accommodation fee:

  • RMB 2,000/ year (four-person room)
  • RMB 4,500/ year (three-person room)
  • RMB 8,000/year (double room)

4. Travel expenses: It depends on your own.

Admission and notification

Applicants need to complete the online application before June 30th. Heilongjiang University will mail the Admission Notice, the Notice for Registration, and the Visa Application Form for Foreign Students to China (JW202 Form) to applicants who meet the admission requirements at the beginning of July each year.) The admitted students should register within the registration time in the end of August after they come to Heilongjiang University.

Ways to contact

1. International Student Admission Office, Institute of International Culture and Education, Heilongjiang University

2. Telephone: 86-451-86609033

3. Email: studyathlju@hotmail.com

4. Website: http://hi.hlju.edu.cn/

5. Online Application: https://hlju.17gz.org/member/login.do

6. Address: International Student Admission Office, Institute of International Culture and Education, Heilongjiang University, No. 74 Xuefu Road, Nangang District, Harbin, China, 150080

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