2023 Yunnan Minzu University Chinese Government Scholarship Program

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Founded in 1922, Yunnan University is one of the earliest comprehensive universities in Southwest China. In 1946, Yunnan University was listed by Concise Encyclopedia Britannica as one of the 15 world's famous universities in China.

2023 Yunnan Minzu University Chinese Government Scholarship Program

2023 Yunnan Minzu University Chinese Government Scholarship Program​
Yunnan Minzu University

Entry Requirments

International students who aren’t studying in China.

Degree Programs & Majors

1. Bachelor’s Degree

2. Master’s Degree

3. Doctoral Degree

This Scholarship is open to all applicants for the doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s degreein International School, Yunnan Minzu University.

Search the official website of Yunnan Minzu University for details:


1. Non-Chinese citizen who has been living outside China for at least six years, with good health condition. Scholarship is only for the new students' recruitment, not for the students who has already in China.

2.Bachelor’s Degree Program: 

(1) Under the age of 30;

(2) Valid senior high school graduation certificate;

(3) The Chinese Proficiency Requirement: HSK3 (HSK4 for the Chinese majors).

3. Master’s Degree Program: Duration for completion 2-4 years

(1) Being under 35 years old;

(2) Valid Bachelor’s Degree;

(3) The Chinese Proficiency Requirement: HSK4 (HSK5 for the Chinese majors).

4. Doctoral Degree Program: Duration for completion is 3-6 years

(1) Being under 40 years old;

(2) Valid Master’s Degree;

(3) Pass the entrance examination of YMU for international students;

(4) The Chinese Proficiency Requirement: HSK5.

CSC Scholarship will Cover

1. Registration fee, tuition fee, basic teaching materials and accommodation fee are free;

2. Living expenses;

3. Comprehensive Medical Insurance by Chinese government.

Time and Approaches for Application

1. Time for application: From 2022 October 26th to 2023 February 26th

2. Approaches for application:

Step 1

Applicants should log in online: 


(Website of Scholarship Fund in China) Institution code: 10691.

Step 2

Apply online and finish the procedures.

Step 3

After finishing the application procedures, applicants ought to mail application materials to Yunnan Minzu University before March 1st, 2023.

The application materials to be mailed include the following

1. Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship (download and print out after online application) ;

2. Copies of the photo page of the passport.

3. Highest diploma (notarized copies of degree certificate and diploma). If applicants are either students or have been employed, they must provide a study certification or the working certificate. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.

4. Copies of transcripts. Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.

5. A study or research plan more than 500 words signed by the applicant in Chinese or in English.

6. Two recommendation letters in Chinese or English written and signed by professors or associate professors with their titles.

7. A copy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form, bring the original ones when you come to China.

8. Priority will be given to the applicants who have passed HSK level 4, 5 or 6. The Applicants should submit the copy of HSK certificate and transcript.

9. Copy of Non-criminal Certificate.

Admission and Notice

Yunnan Minzu University will organize meetings to review materials of applicants, which will be reported to the Chinese Scholarships Council for approval. 

Yunnan Minzu University will send the Admission Notice and Visa Application Form (JW201) to successful applicants as well as publishing the scholarship results at https://english.ynxsj.com/Please check this website regularly. 

The students are not permitted, in principle, to apply to change their institution,major or the duration of study after they register in the accepting institution.


Contact person:Mr. Yang Shenbo  

Tel: 86-871-6593-6620


Email: ymuadmission@ynni.edu.cn

International School Website of Yunnan Minzu University:

Website of CSC: 



International Students Admissions Office,

International School,

Yunnan Minzu University, Kunming 650500,

Yunnan province, P.R.China

If you want to get more information about 2023 Yunnan Minzu University Chinese Government Scholarship Program, please contact us: Chinascholarship.net 

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