2023 Shenyang Ligong University for Chinese Government Scholarship Top Level Graduate Program to Study

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2023 Shenyang Ligong University for Chinese Government Scholarship Top Level Graduate Program to Study

The Chinese Government Scholarship “Top Level Graduate” Program aims to give full play to the role of Chinese Government Scholarship to promote the “Double World-class Project” (namely the “World-class Universities and Disciplines Project”) construction of universities, and select international students with excellent academic background, professional ability and future development potential. Shenyang Ligong University, as a Chinese Government Scholarship institution, can recommend candidates who meet the program requirements. The specific application guide is as follows:

2023 Shenyang Ligong University for Chinese Government Scholarship Top Level Graduate Program to Study

I Introduction

Please refer to the official website ofSYLU at http://www.sylu.edu.cn/

II Basic Requirements for Applicants

1.Non-Chinese citizensandin good health;

2.Academic and age requirements:

Bachelor degree holders (or undergraduates who graduate in 2023) withexcellent academicperformance,majoring in a field related to the master program applied for,notolderthan35 years old;

3.Language requirements:

HSK4 or above.

III Scholarship Category and Duration

1.Category: Master-degree program

2.Financial supportduration2.5-3academic years

IV Scholarship Content and Criteria

1.Free tuition fees;

2.Free on-campus accommodation;

3.Provide living allowance 3000 RMB/month;

4.Provide comprehensive medical insurance;

V Application Deadline

March 10, 2023.

VI Application Procedure

Step 1: Apply at CSC website

Log on to https://www.campuschina.org/and complete the online registration and application.

The agency number of SYLU is 10144.

Step 2:Apply at website

Log on to https://sylu.at0086.cn/Student  to complete registration and application.

VII Application Documents

VIII Major Catalogue

Lecturing Language: Chinese

IX Notes

1.According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education of China, Chinese Government Scholarship students are not allowed to enjoy otherscholarship(excluding various one-time awards) established by the Chinese government at all levels and admitted institutions at the same time. Once found,the Chinese Government Scholarship qualifications will be cancelled and the received scholarship must be refunded. Students who deliberately  conceal the funding situation willbe disqualified and not be allowed to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship within three years.

2.Please make sure to apply on both CSC(https://www.campuschina.org/) and website of SYLU(https://sylu.at0086.cn/Student)  and submit the same application information and documents, otherwise the scholarship application will be invalid.

3.Please do not mail any paper materials.

4.After applying online, if approved, the scholarship applicant must provide the original diploma and transcript for verification at the beginning of the school year. Students succeed to pass the verification can get registered. Students who fail to pass the verification will not be admitted and must leave China within the validity period of the visa attheirown expense.

5.Due to the global epidemic, if international students are unable to enter the university in the fall semester of 2023, the university will continue to adopt online teaching and the teaching time will be arranged according to Beijing time. Applicants should carefully consider whether they can accept online teaching method and time before applying.

X 2023 Application Guide for Chinese Government Scholarship Top Level Graduate Program to Study at Shenyang Ligong University Contact Information

Address: School of International Education, Shenyang Ligong University, No.6 Nanping Middle Road, Hunnan District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China

Zip code:110159

Tel: 0086-024-24681032

Email: songchangzhen@qq.com

Website: http://gjjy.sylu.edu.cn/

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