2023 Chinese Government Scholarship Enrollment Brochure Xinjiang University

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2023 Chinese Government Scholarship Enrollment Brochure Xinjiang University

1. Introduction

● The scholarship recipients can choose to study the courses all in Chinese, or some of them in English. You could check the details of the majors in the following part.

● For students who choose to study their courses in English, need to provide the Proof of English proficiency. For students who choose to study their courses in Chinese, the Chinese language skills should at least reach HSK 4 level at the time of registration. Scholarship students whose Chinese language level does not meet the professional learning requirements must participate in a Chinese mandarin tutorial for one academic year.

(1) For Master’s degree students: professional study scholarship will be provided with a term of 3 years.

(2) For Doctoral degree students: professional study scholarship will be provided with a term of 4 years.

● The duration of the scholarship is the length of study determined at the time of admission, including the duration of professional study and Chinese tutoring (1 year), and shall not be extended in principle.

2. Application Requirements

● The applicant must be a non-Chinese citizen in good health.

● Academic qualifications and age requirements of the applicants:

(1) Those who apply for a master's degree must have a bachelor's degree and be no older than


(2) Those who come to China to study for a doctor's degree must have a master's degree and

be no older than 40.

● Content of Scholarship

(1) Exemption of registration fee, tuition fee and accommodation fee.

(2) The comprehensive medical insurance for foreign students in China is provided (only valid after entry to China and registration at the Xinjiang University. Students who study online are not entitled to this insurance)

(3) The living expenses are provided by the University on a monthly basis.

Note: Scholarship living expenses are given as living subsidies for students studying in China.  The newly enrolled students can only receive the living stipend after the registration and confirmation of the registration materials. If failed to be present at the University and confirm the relevant materials before graduation, the living expenses will not be provided.

3. How to apply

Applicants need to log in to the "Chinese government scholarship management information system for studying in China", http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/#/register for registration and fill in the application information (Please fill in "10755" for the number of the accepting institution, and select "B" for the type of studying abroad program)

4. Materials required for onlineapplication

Applicants must fill in and submit the following application materials in Chinese or English:

(1) Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form

(2) A copy of the applicant's ordinary passport personal information page

(3) Personal bareheaded 2-inch electronic photo

(4) Certified highest degree academic certificate (for texts other than Chinese and English, a notarized translation in Chinese or English shall be attached)

(5) Certified highest degree academic transcript (for texts other than Chinese and English, a notarized translation in Chinese or English shall be attached)

(6) Study and research plan in China (no less than 800 words)

(7) Letter of recommendation from two professors or associate professors in the student's professional field

(8) Admission documents. When applying for a postgraduate program or for academic education as a general or senior scholar, an applicant shall provide the admission documents issued by the university of preference, including an admission letter, a pre-admission letter, or the invitation letter from a prospect supervisor (admission documents will serve as a priority of admission in granting the Chinese Government Scholarship)

(9) A copy of Physical Examination Form for Foreigners (the original form must be kept by the applicant)

The applicant must receive the related examinations in strict accordance with the items required in the Physical Examination Form for Foreigners. The form will be regarded as invalid if there are missing items, or there is no photo of the person, or the photo is not stamped with a cross seal, or there is no signature/seal of the doctor and the hospital. The examination results are only valid for 6 months from the date of application.

(10) Published papers

(11) Certificate of no criminal records issued by the public security departments of the student's country

(12) Proof of English proficiency.

If the HSK score report (valid for 2 years) is obtained, please also attach it to the application materials.

(13) Other supporting materials.

5. Majors forapplication

● Majors in Chinese

No.Student categoryMajorTeaching languageLength of study
1PhD StudentsMechanical EngineeringChinese4.0
2PhD StudentsBiologyChinese4.0
3Master’s degree students(professional)Law (the science of law)Chinese3.0
4Master’s degree studentsCivil EngineeringChinese3.0


Master’s degree students
Food science and Engineering(Master of Engineering)

6Master’s degree studentsComputer science and technologyChinese3.0
7Master’s degree studentsMechanical EngineeringChinese3.0
8PhD StudentsMathematicsChinese4.0
9PhD StudentsChemistryChinese4.0
10Master’s degree studentsArchitectureChinese3.0
11PhD StudentsChinese language and LiteratureChinese4.0
12Master’s degree students(professional)Civil engineering and water conservancyChinese3.0
13Master’s degree studentsPublic managementChinese3.0
14Master’s degree studentsTheoretical EconomicsChinese3.0
15Master’s degree studentsBiologyChinese3.0
16Master’s degree studentsChinese language and LiteratureChinese3.0


Master’s degree students
Foreign linguistics andApplied Linguistics

18Master’s degree students(professional)TranslationChinese3.0

● Majors in English


Student category

Teaching languageLength of study
1PhD StudentsMathematicsEnglish4.0
2PhD StudentsChemical EngineeringEnglish4.0
3PhD StudentsBiologyEnglish4.0
4PhD StudentsChemistryEnglish4.0

PhD StudentsMechanical EngineeringEnglish4.0

Master’s degree studentsMechanical EngineeringEnglish
7Master’sdegree studentsFood science and Engineering(Master of Engineering)English3.0
8Master’s degree studentsBiologyEnglish3.0
9Master’s degree studentsComputer science and technologyEnglish3.0

6. Admission andnotifications

● Xinjiang University will organize experts to conduct preliminary screening on the applicant's application materials and arrange online interviews to select the candidates. The results will be reported to the Department of Education of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the State Scholarship Commission for Examination and Approval before the final decision.

● The University will sent the formal admission notice, visa application form for foreign students in China (JW201 form) and other admission materials to the scholarship winners at the beginning of July (If applicants cannot register at the University temporarily due to the epidemic, the scanned copies of relevant materials could be sent by email).

● Each scholarship winner can only receive one subsidy from the Chinese government scholarship program. For scholarship applicants admitted by multiple universities at the same time, the scholarship committee reserves the scholarship qualification for only one university for them.

● Scholarship recipients would not be able to change enrollment institutions after admission. Meanwhile, the major and duration of study shall not be changed, in principle.

● Scholarships will not be reserved for those who cannot register in China before the enrolment deadline.

Note: Xinjiang University does not charge any intermediary fees for recruiting Chinese government scholarship students.

7. Applicationdeadlines

1) Deadline for online application: March 10, 2023

2) Time of interview by the Professional Colleges: March 13-17, 2023

3) Time of submitting recommended candidates: March 20-24, 2023

8. Contactus

After completing the online application, please send the electronic version of the registration materials to the office email of the School of International Cultural Exchange of our university. Please contact us by email for any inquiries related to the application.

E-mail: xjdxgjxy@xju.edu.cn

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