2020 Shanxi Province Government Scholarship for International Students

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2020 Shanxi Province Government Scholarship for International Students

In order to further carry out the working Principles of Study in China (to enlarge the scale; to uplift the level; to improve the management; to guarantee the quality), Shanxi Province Government Scholarship is established to attract more excellent students all over the world to study in our university, to promote talent cultivation, scientific research, social service and cultural communication in our school.

Category of Application:

The scholarship is set up to sponsor the outstanding oversea students who apply for Bachelor, Master and Doctor Degree programs and non-degree program in Shanxi University.

Application Prerequisites:

Applicants should be over the age of 18 and in good health, holding foreign nationality and valid passport. They should abide by all the Chinese laws, and regulations at Shanxi University, and also respect the Chinese customs. Applicants should not be supported simultaneously by other scholarships. The Scholarship consists of four types ( Type A、B、C、D ).

Type A: applicants should have obtained the certification of Master Degree, under 40 years old.

Type B:applicants should have obtained the certification of Undergraduate Degree, and must have passed HSK level 5(score: above 220), under 35years old.

Type C: applicants should have finished senior high school education, and have passed HSK level 4(score: above 240), under 25 years old.

Type D: applicants apply for non-degree program.

Content of Scholarship:

Category       StandardApplication periodMajors
Type ACovering application, tuition, teaching materials, accommodation and insurance fee with stipend 25000RMB/Yr.Every year from
April 1st  to June 25th
Please visit http://siee.sxu.edu.cn/ for more details about majors
Type BCovering application, tuition and teaching materials fee with stipend 20000RMB/Yr.
Type C Stipend 15000RMB/Yr.
Type DStipend 6000RMB/6 Mon.

Application Documents:

1. Graduation certificate and degree diploma. They must be copies of original documents or certified copies either in Chinese or English. Students graduating this year should provide expected certificates of graduation or an official letter stating expected date of graduation. The applicant must submit your academic credential certificates in order to collect your Admission Letter.

2. Official transcripts of your academic achievement of highest degree. They should include courses taken and standards achieved, must be original documents or certified copies either in Chinese or English.

3. A personal statement (800 words for master program, 1500 words for doctorate program).

4. Two recommendation letters from your referees. The referees should be professors or persons with relevant academic title. At least one of them should have knowledge of your recent academic work. The format of the recommendation letter must be origin.

5. HSK 、IELTS or TOEFL result copy.

6.Digital Photocopy.

7. Personal resume.

8. Proof of bank funds.

9. Application fee( if you are informed to participate the interview).

* All application materials will not be returned.

Application Procedure:

a. The application can be completed online Http://siee.sxu.edu.cn before the deadline.

b. The applicant will be informed to take an interview after application documents verified.

c. The admission notice and JW 202 /JW201form will be issued to successful candidates.

d. Admission documents and a valid passport can be taken to apply for X1 or X2 visa in Chinese embassy.

Scholarship Confirmation:

1. Application documents of candidates will be considered for eligibility and qualification. Ineligible or incomplete applications will not be considered.

2. Scholarship will not be reserved if scholarship recipients cannot register before the registration deadline.

Contact Us:


School of International Education and Exchange, Shanxi University

No.92, Wucheng Rd., Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, 030006, P.R. China

Student Department:  Tel: +86-351-7210633/7018987

Email:    degreeprogram@sxu.edu.cn

Website: www.sxu.edu.cn  


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